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Birthdate:May 2
Location:United States of America
amy. 30. taurus. intj. atheist. neurodivergent. adopted. twin. hardcore fangirl & nerd.

im a mom to a 12 y/o dachshund, 12 y/o jack russell, 1 y/o rat and a 6 y/o little girl :)

my heart is taken. ive been with my fiancé since 2004, engaged since 2014.

im obsessed with music, cartoons, harry potter, true crime, nail polish and the horror genre.

every day is a struggle for me. anxiety, depression, ocd, insomnia, past EDs (that unfortunately creep back up on me at times) and suspected bipolar II disorder & aspergers. (due to reasons i have not been tested for the last two yet) but don't worry, im not depressing all the time, sometimes i also like to have fun! :D

i am new to DW but not new to blogging. i created my first blog on back in 98/99-2002. from there i moved on to LiveJournal from 2003-2006. then i made a tumblr in 2010 which im currently still using. hopefully ill find my way on DW soon enough :D

“I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.”
― Sylvia Plath

Interests (150):

aliens, amusement parks, anime, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, art, aspergers, atheism, aurora borealis, autism, autism awareness, autumn, bats, bobs burgers, brendon small, camping, candles, cartoons, cats, childhood, chris lilley, christmas, classical music, cloudy days, coffee, collectibles, columbine, comics, concerts, conspiracy theories, converse, courage the cowardly dog, creepy, criminology, dancing, dark, dark art, depression, dethklok, doc martens, drawing, drugs, eating disorder, ed edd n eddy, fan fiction, forensic psychology, forensics, forests, futurama, gibson, gloomy weather, goosebumps, gryffindor, guitars, guns, halloween, harry potter, hiking, home movies, horror, hunter s. thompson, incubus, invader zim, jaws, john waters, johnny the homicidal maniac, junji ito, king of the hill, knives, korn, lava lamps, live music, manga, mass murder, matt stone, mental illness, mental illness awareness, metal, metalocalypse, michael myers, modest mouse, murderers, music, my daughter, my otp, nail polish, nature, nebulas, neko atsume, nerds, nintendo, nirvana, norway, nostalgia, obsessing, obsession, ok go, pet rats, pictures, piercings, pills, psychology, rain, rainy days, rammstein, rats, reading, remus lupin, rick and morty, rollercoasters, scandinavia, scary movies, serial killers, shrooms, skwisgaar skwigelf, skwistok, snow, social anxiety, south park, special interests, spectrum, stars, steampunk, stephen king, studio ghibli, sublime, summer heights high, sweden, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 90s, the simpsons, the strange and unusual, the walking dead, thunderstorms, toki wartooth, traveling, trey parker, true crime, tumblr, urban legends, video games, voice actors, weezer, weird, weird art, winter, woods, zombie movies, zombies
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