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2/22/16 01:45 pm
possible unpopular opinion but i am not a fan of this Rick x Michonne thing so the ending of the episode last night was just uncomfortable for me :/
but anyway... what about JESUS??!? just something else for us TWD comic readers to get excited about! up next: Negan.
so one of the things i wanted to do with this journal is talk about nail polish! not obsessively, ill probably just post a couple pics when i repaint my nails, who knows. but i really love nail polish, painting my nails is as girly as i get :) i have a pretty large collection, over 200 polishes i think. a few days ago i painted my nails with Covergirl - Emerald Blaze. i love it! the color changes from bright green to a deep forest green to a bronzy brown. its probably one of my favorite colors now! pictures behind the cut..

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Winter Gloom

2/21/16 05:25 pm
the winter gloom is perfect today

update: still sick :/


2/21/16 09:59 am
today is the birthday of two great things in my life: Legend of Zelda turns 30 and Alan Rickman would have been 70 today, may he R.I.P.

in other news: im sick :( i woke up with a sore throat. ugh im going back to bed


2/21/16 01:37 am
i may be 30 years old but i would still sell my soul for a Goosebumps bed set

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first post!

2/20/16 10:27 pm
well hello. first posts are always the most awkward.. anyway im Amy! im not going to write an hour long post about me and my interests so for the quick version just check out my profile ;) i was on livejournal from 2003-2006, life changed so i had taken a 10 year break from lj and then randomly decided i wanted an online journal again in 2016. i was upset to see how dead livejournal is now (which is depressing) and after some googling i wound up here. i hope i have as much fun on here as i did on livejournal! now i just have to find my way..


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