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Amy ([personal profile] xbloodlines) wrote2016-02-21 07:55 pm
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first attempt at a nail polish post

so one of the things i wanted to do with this journal is talk about nail polish! not obsessively, ill probably just post a couple pics when i repaint my nails, who knows. but i really love nail polish, painting my nails is as girly as i get :) i have a pretty large collection, over 200 polishes i think. a few days ago i painted my nails with Covergirl - Emerald Blaze. i love it! the color changes from bright green to a deep forest green to a bronzy brown. its probably one of my favorite colors now! pictures behind the cut..

Covergirl - Emerald Blaze

my camera isnt the best and i havent mastered how to hold my hand yet but if you squint you can see how pretty the color is!